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Welcome to The G4 LEDs Shop

G4 LEDS is clearing all stock at a 40% discount.  Once our current stock is gone we will be closing the store so here's your chance to pick up some quality LEDs at a bargain price.

From 1st of July 2016 no GST is being charged.

The G4 LEDS online store provides high quality LEDs at the best prices. LED bulbs designed to replace the power hungry halogen and incandescent bulbs typically spread throughout your boat, caravan or RV.

Our LEDs are specially selected for their quality, brightness, colour, low power, value for money and suitability as a halogen or incandescent replacement.

All LEDs are individually tested before being shipped via Australia Post and an invoice is supplied with each shipment. Shipping is to Australia and New Zealand only.


Guide to suggested LED replacements for EcoTourer vans - Click Here

Our popular warm white G4 LED is shown below. It produces 140 Lumens of warm white light which is similar to the equivalent G4 halogen bulb but lasts around 20 times longer and uses only 2.2 Watts of power. View full specifications for this LED and others in our range by selecting them from the category links on the left of this page.

 G4 LED - Warm White

  • 10 special SMD 5050 LED chips each of which internally contain 3 LED elements (a total of 30 LED elements) giving them amazing brightness for their size.
  • Built-in bridge rectifier means that polarity isn't an issue and the constant current circuit gives a steady light output over a voltage range of 10 to 30VDC (also means they are not dimmable).
  • Great value at only $12.00 $6.55 each.

Video on how to replace a G4 halogen with a warm white G4 LED

From all anglesG4 LED


In a G4 light fitting (fascia removed)G4 LED in a fitting


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